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Way to Get the Hairstyle of Kanye West

From the guy who brought you 8 things customers do that hairdressers absolutely hate you how to get the Kanye West Haircut in 2021 without looking silly…

1. Find an experienced hairdresser

Find a family member under the age of five, give him a hair clipper with no guards attached, blindfold him and turn him around as if you were poking the Donkey’s tail. Then sit back and let the Magic happen.

2. attach a string to your hair clipper (Pendulum effect)

Take your mower without protective devices (very important) and attach a string to the base of the mower. Hang it next to the customer’s head, pull the mower about 3 feet back and release it. If done correctly, the trimmer passes in front of the client’s head and randomly cuts strands of hair. Repeat until the client looks like he has been run over by a lawnmower.

3. go to your local hair salon franchise

Go to any mainstream haircut franchise.. you already know which one does the best…

4. Find a nursing home:

go to a nursing home and ask one of the older members to help you; be sure to take off your glasses to maximize the extent of the mistakes that can happen. Make sure that you have no idea how to cut your hair and that your bedtime is over. The grumpier, the better in this matter.

5. Edward Scissors Hands:

Attach your scissors to your hands with adhesive tape and turn off the light. Clap your arms in the general direction of your subject’s head for about 2-3 minutes while making small meaningful prayers to Jesus..


The Kanye West Haircut is currently the laughing stock of the haircut industry. This is not art, Talent or skill; in fact, the clippers who cut her hair must be charged with execute.

Just because a celebrity gets a haircut doesn’t mean we have to try “rational people”. As a hairdresser, I would like to cut your hair like this, but I don’t promise that I will say a few celebrity roasts on the way out the door. I mean, come on, brother, Ray Charles could see how crappy that haircut is!

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