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Monumental Advice for Barber That Change Style

I’ve always had a disorganized mess on my Station while I’m cutting, I throw guards on the counter while I’m walking in My cuts. I take scissors and put them arbitrarily. I’m doing the work, so it doesn’t matter what happens while I’m doing it, does it?

That’s not to say I was a complete mess in my past, just disorganized when I cut.

After all, who notices such small dots? In hairdressing salons, the customer looks elsewhere, doesn’t he?

I have recently started to break my Routine, especially when it comes to my Service, my cleanliness and the basics of the Haircut.

I realized that my Routine had a lot of gaps and I started changing my habits. I think shaving works best in a system, and the more organized the system, the better the Service you can offer from top to bottom.
Recently I studied one of my colleagues, someone who is very successful in his business. I always take my free time to break down what my colleagues do differently from me.

I noticed that during the Haircut, he was very methodical, each part of the haircut could easily be broken down into steps, fluid movements, controls and balances, creating an impeccable ensemble.

Maybe I’ve been reading a bit, but I’m going to bring my moments Of inspiration where I can get them.

Add that I listened to a Podcast that recommended the book ‘The Checklist Manifesto’ that I extracted from the library and that I am currently reading.

In addition, I started making appointments at my house on Sundays so that I could create videos for my YouTube channel. That’s why I started using the calendar and the note-taking function on my phone.

I told my dad about it and he said“ “Well, it looks like you’re starting to be accountable to yourself.”

Sometimes life presents you with all the right information at the same time, and in connection with the desire to change for the better, I began to include my own systems in My workflow.

My past I would say something like: “it takes all the creativity out of the Haircut”, but I disagree, it provides a basis that allows more creativity at the moment. It takes all the thought out of the process and allows you to channel it into the idea of what is best for your client.

How does this apply?

You may be wondering what I’m talking about, how all this applies to the Haircut.

This means organizing your Station so that it looks perfect for everyone looking…at at any time, even in the middle of worship. It means putting your tools back where you have them, it means cleaning your tools as you go on.

This means documenting every step of your process and accurately checking whether you are acting as carefully and efficiently as possible with each customer who passes by your chair.

This adds a completely different layer to the service idea, it can allow you to create a service for someone who feels perfectly comfortable for them from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave for several appointments.

This is one of those ideas that no one will notice on the outside, but it will provide the customer with a Service that he will not receive anywhere else, and the customers will notice it.
Let me get started
So, how do I get started?

Delete any tools/ideas that you don’t use.

Clean your Station of everything except your essential tools. Be ruthless, bring your tools to the bare necessities.

Organize your Station in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Pretty self-explanatory here. Break it every night and put it back in place every morning or just after taking it apart again.

Now, take the time to sit down and write down each step of your Service from the moment your customer walks through the door until they leave.

Here is the example of my List which includes hair and beard services. This does not include the razor shaving process, as I am currently working on it.

  • Fold the napkin and put it on the Station.
  • Meet the eyes
  • Smile
  • Shake hands
  • Home by name
  • Ask for the day
  • Cape
  • Examine the hair.
  • Consultation.
  • What are you looking for from this haircut?
  • Give your opinion about the hair.
  • Ask what you don’t like.
  • See the photos (if necessary)
  • Discuss whether the cut suits you.
  • Agree on the style.
  • Wet Hair.
  • Hair Section.
  • Opt for a trimmer or scissors.
  • Explain the cut while you continue.
  • Cut the pages.
  • Cut the cones (if necessary)
  • Contour of the neck and sides.
  • Cut off the top.
  • Use a towel as needed.
  • Text as needed.
  • Use a towel to remove the hair as needed.
  • After use, place the towel in the original place.
  • Finish the outline. (unless Bart is part of the service).
  • Blow the hair out of the cape.
  • Razor (if no beard).
  • Cut the beard.
  • Remove the Mass.
  • Melted (if necessary).
  • Line top (top line and mustache)
  • Blow the hair out of the cape.
  • Lay the client down.
  • Down line (neck)
  • Put on the shaving cloth.
  • Apply a warm towel
  • Getting rid of hot towels in the trash can
  • Apply the shaving gel
  • Shaving contour for cheeks, mustache, chin and neck
  • Clean the face from shaving gel with a towel
  • Put a towel in the trash can
  • Place the razor in the container for sharp objects.
  • Disinfect the razor.
  • Apply aftershave.
  • Apply the beard oil with Massage.
  • Restart the Client.
  • Product.
  • Clean the hands on the towel with which you wipe the hair.
  • Explain the product as you insert it.
  • Styling the hair.
  • Explain how to style your hair while you continue.
  • Finish the hair (another five minutes)
  • Mirror. For the face and Haircut.
  • Aftershave on the neck.
  • Something Luxurious. Hot towel, Massage, etc.
  • Take off the Cape,
  • Put the neck bands in the trash.
  • Wipe the hair with a towel from the face and neck.
  • Place the napkin in the used napkin container.
  • Dry the hair with the hair dryer where you need it and remove the shoes.
  • Give them a business card.
  • Manage Money.
  • Change your reservation.
  • Replace all tools directly after use in the place where you removed them. Do not rush.
  • Clean the tools while you are using them.
  • FORD model. Family. Occupation. Recovery. Dreams. Sport. Conversation starter.
  • Replace the razor blade before the next customer.

It’s a long List, it’s clear to me, but it’s something that can be divided into steps or shorter checklists that allow you to modify and organize each part of the service.

Feel free to adapt, or use this List for yourself. If you think this can be improved, feel free to leave your lists in the comments below, because I would love to see them.

As the owner, give it to the people at your hair salon, let them watch and discuss it. I believe that a house style helps everyone to offer a similar Service, something that people can talk about, something that helps them distinguish themselves from others.

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