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To Choose Life of Success With Barber Tips

I have made changes in my life. I had health problems that led to debilitating anxiety, fatigue and massive panic strikes in the hospital. I had to get a good overview of my life and how I lived it and make some changes.


I will explain to you how I lived my life. I smoked two packs a day, drank often, experimented with recreational medicines, exercised seven days a week and worked more than 50 to 60 hours a week.

I didn’t care much about anything, and I lived life quickly and easily. My family didn’t want to talk to me much, I kept getting thrown out by the people I was dating.

My life didn’t progress quickly anywhere and I didn’t know what was going on.


I had just been leaved and I remember reading something that said (And I’m paraphrasing here)“ “If you can’t take care of your partner and your future children, you will never have a basis for a successful relationship or life.”

This influenced me a lot, I promised myself to take seriously the idea of work and business, to have a relationship that works, a job and a profession that is important to me.

But I kept partying, I lived life easily and quickly. I thought a man should do it.


I am so grateful that my body did not allow me to do this. I landed in a hospital, my nervous system was completely burned out, and if you’ve never suffered from it, let’s say I was having a hard time getting out, my limbs were heavy with fatigue and I felt like I could become agoraphobic.

I still suffer from acute anxiety, but I have learned to cope with it.

I gave up alcohol, medicine, caffeine, sugar, reduced work, I had to stop exercising, because this would lead to panic strike.

I had to take a long look at my life and what it meant to me. I couldn’t continue living the way I had done, I had a lot of free time to think about it and what I could do.


I had to think about what I was good at and what I was grateful for in my life.

I know how to write well and shave well, so I started a Blog so that I could share my experience with you.

Tomorrow I celebrate my 3rd birthday with my girlfriend, we are engaged and plan to have children.

My professional life is incredibly satisfying, I feel like I have learned so much about dabbling and becoming a student of crafts and working to become a master. I have been in this industry for seventeen years and I have so much to learn when it makes me lose my mind.

I started teaching with YouTube videos and through my Blog everything from technology to lifestyle, business and equipment reviews. I feel that teaching has allowed me to understand how to manage hair and has allowed me to share some of what I have learned with others, which, in itself, has incredible benefits.

I have changed my approach to life a lot by looking at the building blocks of how I go through life day by day, and now I am constantly trying to check how I interact with others, how I interact with myself and I am trying to take these lessons and apply them to my career and my approach to life.

I can train again, bend over again while integrating Yoga and meditation into my daily life.

I fill my brain with business knowledge, I read a variety of self-help and business books to expose myself to the idea of success. I try to include these thoughts in my daily life to become the best me I can be.

I plan to go to business school next year to prepare myself to succeed with the money I earn. This happens after years when I didn’t care where my money was going and didn’t know how to manage it.

I support my friend to work through her school years so that she can achieve her dreams.

I am preparing for my future children who will come in the next 5 years.

I’m turning 39 this year and for the first time in my life, I feel like I have a direction and am investing my time in a productive and healthy way. I have goals, I work to achieve them and I take one small step at a time.


I’m telling you this because no matter where you go, no matter what life you choose, if you want to make changes, if you want something, you are the only one who decides to stop.

I have chosen this path for years and I don’t contrition it, but I am learning incredibly slowly. I have decided to live the life that suits me best and I find it incredibly satisfying.

We all have our own ways, our own ways to be a hairdresser, our own ways to be a businessman, and I hope that you will find one that will motivate you to wake up every morning and be grateful for what you have, for the skills that you can share with the world and for the people you have in your life.

Choose what you want in your life and do what you can to get there, make the changes that need to be made. I would say that I wish you all the happiness in the process, but it’s not about happiness, but about making decisions that will allow you to improve your Position in life and take care of those around you.

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