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Simple Tips for Barber to Get Repeat Customer

After all, we are in customer service, we are groomers, we make others look good and feel good. I’m starting to realize that it’s not just about getting the crispest fade or the most technical haircut. Service is a big part of what makes people satisfied.

I started my career as an assistant in a salon that asked for at least for a haircut, and a good part of our reputation was based on customer service. I didn’t quite understand why I did what I did, but I made sure that every customer who came through the door felt special. I greeted them by their names, took their jackets, took them to their stylist, got them coffee or tea, told them about what had happened in their lives, they ran for their lunch, and much more. All my job at the time was to create an impeccable customer service experience.

Throughout my career, I feel like I’ve grown and lost weight with customer service and sacrificed it several times to make more money. What I didn’t really understand is that the Service is half of what people pay you.

If you want to see an upward trend in your customer base, if you want to create loyal customers who trust you, follow these tips:

Sunny Spirit

You don’t have to be a friend to every person who turns around your chair, but it helps to be welcoming. You don’t need to bombard every customer with a huge silly smile (but if that’s your personality, keep going). Don’t throw your smile in vain, but if your guest says something funny or funny, take the time to look him in the eye and give him a smile. This makes everything seem so much more real, you will feel that you deserve your respect and admiration.

In addition, it is contagious to approach your service positively. Laughter, eye contact and a good story will help people like you a lot.

Here’s another quick tip: if someone asks you how long you’ve been doing the job or where you came from, not only answer in one word, but explain it. If you have just started shaving, tell them that and tell about the hairdressing school. If you give your guest something to remember, you will have an awesome discussion on your hands.

Let her feel like a Baller

We all want Drake to come sit in our chair and get his hair cut. The reputation is based on the Haircut of celebrities. Try to imagine that every person sitting in your chair is the cut that will make your career. If there is something you can do to make every person sitting in your chair feel special, do it.

Take an extra five minutes to do some detail work, texture the top of the head by hand, Add a cologne pad to your Service or perform a scalp massage. Do this especially if you don’t have a full list of clients, if you have extra time available, make sure that every person in your chair receives the Luxury Service.

Treat people as if they are the most interesting person you have ever met and they will love you for it. Listen to what they say, repeat to them and ask them questions based on what they have told you. They will love you forever.

Write down the details

It’s so easy to think about your to-do list while you’re shaving, but I’m going to point you to an easy way to make someone feel awesome…listen to what they say and remember.

If you can memorize details about every customer who comes through your business, the name of his dog, a company he is involved in, where he is on vacation, and then ask him the next time you come through the door, you have customers for life.

Don’t you think you can do it? Write. I have a small notebook in which I try to write the names and details of each client in a commented form.

Don’t you have time to do it? Take your time. Get a note-taking app for your phone and spend a Minute dictating it quickly in the app. If, like me, you have a very bad memory, take a photo of the hairstyle and the person to follow this detail and end your day by going through the images and adding more details.


I used to say no when I agree with someone. I will start a judgement with “no”, and then continue to agree with them. I’m actually trying to take “no” from my customer service experience as a whole.

No one likes to hear the word “no”, especially when it is addressed to them. If someone asks you to do something that you can’t, don’t say that you can’t, suggest something else and tell them the reason.


“I completely agree with you, although when I leave the hair around the Crown, it does not stick out as much” is a great way to formulate something in such a way that your client’s opinion is not lowered while allowing you to have your own opinion.


Don’t be afraid to say how much you love someone or something they have done. You can show admiration for your watch, your jacket or the awesome car you drove to the store.

A few well-placed words will do wonders for your relationships with customers. Try it out today and let me know what you think in the comments. This is definitely one of the best customer service tips I’ve ever received, because everyone likes to say something nice about themselves.

in conclusion

Your job is to make someone feel as good as they can, and while they start with a good haircut, your Service lives and pass ways based on a customer’s experience.

The tips here are great starting points for creating an experience where your customer feels like they have received a Service that is worth the money they spent, and more.

If you provide excellent customer service, your customers will feel highly appreciated and understood. You will find that your tips increase, your customer loyalty increases and your relationships become closer and more respectful.

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