Barbers Advisor Barber Tips to Cut Basic Haircut for Men at Home

Tips to Cut Basic Haircut for Men at Home

How to cut a simple men’s haircut at home [reviewed by a master Barber]

Written by Cyclopsin Barber Blogs

In this article I will tell you how to make a simple haircut at home. With only a few tools like; scissors, hair clippers, hair clippers and combs, I will show you a step by step guide on how to cut a normal man’s hair.

This haircut will not be very professional by any means, although with the right exercise it can be very good. At the moment, it is enough to clean the edges to do the daily activities and save you money if you go to the hair salon today.

Find yourself an area to cut your hair.
Find a good place to set up a chair; most people use the back Patio or in the kitchen. This should be a place where you can sweep the hair after it has fallen to the floor quickly enough.

Before we get started, these are the products and tools you need:

Hair clipper. Hair clippers are needed to remove most of the hair.
Set Clipper Guards. Plastic protective devices with dimensions that allow the trimmer to cut only along a certain length.
Hair clipper. used for the details and the polished look of the Haircut.
Cut the scissors. Scissors are used for the top and sides of the head to ensure that the hair is cut evenly around the crown.
Neck band (optional). A small band that goes around the customer’s neck before spotting the barber’s cape.
A feather duster (optional). Small hand brush that removes unwanted hair from the client.
Water spray bottle. Small bottle that contains water and has a spray nozzle that sprays a mist of water to wet the hair.
Hairdresser’s cape. (or a large towel) to dab the client so that there are no hairs on it.
A flat comb. A flat top: looks like a style, although the bristles are wider; used to collect the Mass.
Comb for styling. Small comb that works with hair styling and cutting with scissors.
Hair product (optional). Hair products are used in the hair to secure a certain hairstyle.

How to cut a simple haircut step by step.

Before you start, I encourage you to take your time and cut with confidence and precision. If you are doing this for the first time, some tools will seem strange to you at first. it’s normal. After practicing enough, the use for you becomes second nature.

To cut a classic haircut, you need to use the trimmer and attach the number two protection. From the back of the head, gently cut with the clipper from the bottom to the occipital bone. Be sure to move the trimmer around the sides of the head with the same amount.

At this stage, the hair should look like an ordinary haircut, but we are not done yet. Then gently shovel the overhanging hair into the teeth of the flat comb to collect the hair. Then tilt it so that you can remove the Mass by gently placing the clipper on the flat comb and cutting it horizontally, using the flat comb as a guide.

Be careful not to tilt the flat comb too much and cut it into the hair already cut with the clipper. This will be the most difficult part of this haircut, because it will take a lot of free styling to remove the Mass evenly. Be sure to take your time for this part. (try to imagine how you sculpt a sculpture.)

Grab the hair with the styling comb.

After using the trimmer with protection number two and removing the Mass around the head, use your spray bottle to wet the hair. Put down your flat comb and take a Standard hairdressing comb; these combs have smaller bristles so that you can pick up more hair when you cut the hair with scissors. At this point, ask your client how much he wants to withdraw from above.

Use the scissors to make your first cut.

Take the scissors with your right hand and cut the hair between the index and middle fingers with your dominant hand. Cut only two centimeters of hair from the top. Excellent Work! After making the first Cut, use your styling comb to pick up the already cut hair and bring it back to you by half a centimeter. Next, take the hair that has not yet been cut with the hair that you have cut by two inches.

In this way, a guide is created while picking up new hair and already cut hair. Pinch the hair between the middle and index fingers, keeping the hair straight from the scalp until you see a difference between the two hair measurements.

Use the clippers to clean the Haircut.

This is the last straight line to polish the Haircut. At this point, you can wipe the sweat from your forehead and adjust your back. The most difficult part of using trimmers is a large margin of error. The clippers (in this matter) do not have Accessories to prevent them from cutting the hair too much. This is because we want to completely remove the hairs in the areas where we are going to jump with a precision similar to that of the laser. The good news is that most people don’t go that far, so give yourself a little recognition. Take a deep breath, exhale, let’s finish this haircut!

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