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Is It Impolite to Wear Hat Following Haircut

Wearing a hat immediately after the Haircut is considered an insult to your hairdresser. Hairdressers are proud of their profession and, depending on the complexity of the haircut, they can spend a lot of time working on the details. However, if the Haircut is simple, such as a head shave or a crew cut, it is appropriate to wear a hat after the Haircut.

Is it rude to wear a hat after a haircut?

A hairdresser spends a lot of time cutting his hair to make sure that it is properly lengthened and looks presentable. Many people don’t think about hair the way someone in the hairdressing profession would, which is understandable. Some do not even think about it after the end of the service.

So, is it acceptable to put a hat on the Haircut immediately after the Haircut?
Well, there are actually some answers to this question; let me explain; if the person comes with a hat and sits on the hairdresser’s chair and takes it off and has no hair at first, it doesn’t matter if they put the hat back on or not.

On the other hand, if the person actually has hair and plans to get a full haircut, such as; a skin discoloration, a male cut (normal business cut) or something that requires the hairdresser to have a certain level of artistic skill, it would be insulting to put on a hat.

If you look through the hairdresser’s eyes, you don’t see him.

There is a moment when the customer gets up and walks down the aisle to make a payment for the hair or leave the store and go to the front door. It is at this precise moment that all the hairdressers get up to see if this haircut is good. After the client leaves, the hairdressers turn to the hairdresser who has just cut the hair and nod in agreement or disappointed.

We do this to check each other at work and respect the hairdresser for his mastery of his profession if he has done a good job.

If the person sits down after the Haircut and puts on a hat immediately after, the time never comes for that particular hairdresser, and the world never sees the Haircut at its best.

If you want to wear a hat, that’s fine, but make sure you leave the aisle and the door before putting the hat on.

In some matters, when the Haircut is awesome, the hairdressers look out the window on the way to your car. If you feel that this is happening, put on your hat when you first get into your car.


For these reasons, wearing a hat after the Haircut is rude, but it depends on the client’s hair. If the Haircut is something like a head shave or something basic and short, wearing a hat is acceptable. Suppose the Haircut is photographically worthy, then putting on the hat will have to wait until you are out of sight. This is not a rule that you have to follow. Even more, it has everything to do with respecting the craftsmanship and your hairdresser.

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