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Normal to Not Talk to the Barber During Haircut

A conversation with a hairdresser is not necessary to experience a hairdressing salon. However, hairdressers are excellent at reading conversational questions and body language, if you notice any warning signs from your client, you can choose not to speak. Often, guests appreciate the quiet and prefer not to talk and relax instead.

There really are no rules when talking to a hairdresser
There is no rule or social support that suggests that any trip to the hairdresser should be talkative. It is better to drop the chips as you wish (let them flow without trying to do something more with them than the Moment implies)

As a client, you don’t need to talk, but if you don’t, a hairdresser can try to test the water of how you feel when you talk.

You could say things like: how is the family doing or ask them if they have any plans for the weekend?

If the client responds with short answers like “well, or I don’t have plans for the weekend.”The hairdresser can then stop asking questions and get the impression that the client doesn’t really want to talk.

Anyway, it’s not rude, but it’s always polite to explain why you might not be feeling chatty that day, especially if you usually talk when you’re sitting in your barber chair.

Say something like Sorry if I don’t talk much today, it was a long day at work. To let him know that you are not trying to be rude about your silence, but that you just don’t feel it today.

Sometimes it’s the hairdresser who doesn’t talk to the customers
But this does not mean that the client is always silent; sometimes the hairdresser is the one who does not speak. Remember their people just like you and be tired yourself. Or you could go through something in your own life.

Especially if you come to the hair salon towards the end of the working day, it’s because you cut your hair for hours before talking to customers.

Shaving can be mentally exhausting, and to finish the working day and save energy, a hairdresser can be quieter than usual.

There is an underlying business rule that a hairdresser should not complain to his clients about their fatigue, because they believe that they are getting a worse haircut. To prevent a hairdresser from being completely tired, he could stay calm.

The hairdresser has a terrible personality

The other reason is that the hairdresser may not be human and have an hideous personality. (Yes, this can happen even in the hairdressing sector, because they know that their job is to serve customers), but this type of behavior is frowned upon in the haircut industry. If you think that’s why you don’t talk to them, I suggest you change your hairdresser and avoid them on your next visit.

I also encourage you to try another hairdresser in this hair salon, because not all hairdressers act this way. It would be better if you tried with someone else before completely leaving the entire store.


During a haircut, it is not necessary to talk to a hairdresser, although it is polite to tell him if you are tired or want to relax. In most matters, a hairdresser will swim with the current and find out if a conversation is necessary. Hairdressers are excellent at reading the client’s social cues, body language and tone. I also discussed why a hairdresser might not talk, and to give you the benefit of the doubt, you might feel tired and need a mental break. On the other hand, the hairdresser could have an hideous personality for his industry and be rude. If you think this is the matter, try using another hairdresser next time.

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