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Social Media Barbering Changed Your Life

I’m sitting on a typewriter, writing a Blog (actually a tablet with a keyboard, but allow me my little fantasy) and thinking about what social media actually does for me.

When was the last time social media changed your life as a hairdresser?

When I ask myself this question…never.

There is nothing that social media has ever done that has changed my life as a hairdresser.

I hit the social media scene pretty hard. I blog, I have a YouTube channel, I played with the gram, I have Vero on my phone.

At one point, I was a Hardcore Instagram user. Logged in for many hours, learned a lot about how the site worked, took a “real” camera and started taking some pictures, took pictures and videos of every cut that came in my chair.

I played this game, gathered a few subscribers (just over 2,000) and I’m still trying.


I have been thinking recently about the hours logged and how I have used my time and whether this time has been productive for my hairdressing career or not.

If you’re like me, you’ve seen famous hairdressers on Instagram and follow each other. It looks like a funny show. Riding, cutting hair, traveling. You can almost imagine that you are trying to do the same thing.

I find it interesting; that Instagram, YouTube and others encourage the idea that you can become an influencer of great reputation.

And you can. There are many great hairdressers who do it every day in different ways, and I salute you.

Heck, I still haven’t stopped my Instagram feed (in fact, I just checked it), I just changed my approach.


But that brings me back to a Version of my original question: “What has Instagram done for me today?”

Well, he provided me with an online portfolio, potential employers and potential clients can look at my work and judge me based on the photos and videos I provided to them.

It’s a great charm.

Instagram has made me a better photographer.

I’ve always been interested in fine arts, and photography and I are going back to high school. I remember developing films in the dark room at school (I’m so old) and learning to dodge and burn to create special effects in My recordings.

I took a long break from photography, but that’s what I’ve always had in me, this desire to take a photo frozen in time of an interesting subject.

Now, with shaving, I can freeze my creations in time and have something to show for all the work I’ve done.

I like the way Instagram connects me with some of the best hairdressers in the world (who take pictures anyway).

I learned little Insta techniques that changed the way I did my hair.

I have recently chosen most of the people I have followed who do not inspire me. When I spend time with the app, I want to get new photo ideas, new haircut ideas and new visual information to apply to my daily life.


I chased supporters for a while, I admit it, but I found it empty. The virtual numbers can add up, but the time spent would never be recovered.

So I changed the way I treat Instagram. I made it a place where you can divide and consume selected cuts, but not the means to an end. I don’t use the platform to become insta-famous (although I can’t say I haven’t even tried that), but I use it at leisure, and it’s such a better place to approach a platform like this.


YouTube is another beast for me.

I’ve been in the hair industry for sixteen years now, and for me, it’s an incredibly long time.

I remember what it was like to find good mentors in this industry without blaming myself. I had to action for the knowledge in my head and the Talent in my hands, and I still action every day to learn new techniques.

YouTube is a place where I can share this knowledge with others.

Again, I have always had a love for Film, and even though I had never shot a Film before the day I launched my YouTube channel, I am one of those who studied screenwriting (Writing is another passion) and Film in general.


I recently had health problems that slowed me down, and when this happened, I asked myself: “How can you combine what you know and what you would like to know into something that occupies your mind?”

Barberhacks came from it, the Blog and the YouTube channel.

I would love for them to have followers, loyal readers and observers, because I put a lot of heart and hard work into them. I think both sites have made me better and more passionate about my work when it comes to shaving, and I like to share that with others.

I want to make it easier for people to access knowledge that makes them better when shaving. Simple.

To be transparent, if one day I could make a few dollars with this, I wouldn’t be against it, but that’s not the reason I’m doing it. I do it for people who were like me when I was their age, who were struggling to get better at their jobs.

And maybe after sixteen years, I have some wisdom to pass on.

In conclusion

So if I’m wondering what social media has done for me, what’s the answer?

It has enriched my life by offering me a way to create content and share it with people with similar interests.

This has made me an artist in more ways than one.

Is it worth the time I put into it?

When I read the comments of blog readers and viewers on the channel, when I receive a great comment on one of my Instagram photos, Yes, I really think that’s the matter.

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