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Real Barber Explains Terms Used in Barbershop

Have you always wanted a particular haircut, but found it difficult to explain exactly what you want to your hairdresser? Don’t feel bad. This happens to a lot of people, and the haircut industry is interspersed with Terminology that is not easily accessible to the public. (until now!)

If you don’t know what these hairdressing terminologies are, you will feel left in the dark. This article will explain the most popular terminologies in a hair salon so that you can articulate your words correctly and get exactly the Haircut you want while looking competent!

Ask for a “Bland”

A fade is a specific cut of the clipper which, with the help of the protections of the clipper, goes shorter and shorter as it progresses towards the bottom of the head.
Depending on where you want the transition to start (low, medium or high), ask the hairdresser if the transition is low, medium transition or high transition. This is the level at which the mixing process begins. Barber Point cut to add texture to the hair.

Question about “texture”

The texture refers to the use of scissors to cut notches of different lengths in the hair to add more volume that ends with a restless textured look.

Request a “Clipper Cut”

For a haircut, the hairdresser only uses a hair clipper and the protection number of your choice to cut the hair. Guards refer to the amount of hair in inches that remains on your head. Clipper Guards are accessories that are attached to the end of the clipper.

Ask for one of these numbers from 1-8.

1 = 3 mm or 1/8 inch
2 = 6 mm or 1/4 inch
3 = 10 mm or 3/8 inches
4 = 13 mm or 1/2 inch
5 = 16 mm or 5/8 inches
6 = 19 mm or 3/4 inches
7 = 22 mm or 7/8 inches
8 = 25 mm or 1 inch

Request a “Shaved Cut”

A razor cut reduces the heavy mass of the hair, which thins them and maintains the initial length.

Ask your hair to be “lightened”
The hairdresser uses only thinning scissors and various techniques such as lace trimming and ratchet to reduce the volume.

Request a counter-cut (separate haircut)

Here, the hairdresser cuts the hair on the sides and the back very short (usually with the clipper), leaving much more hair on the top where it overhangs. To get the most out of this haircut, you need to tell the hairdresser the guard number you want to use so that he knows at what length to cut.

Short on the sides and back

Here, the hairdresser uses his clipper on the sides and back, without touching the top. You can always ask for a number guard before starting the Haircut.

Request an “asymmetrical haircut” (Modern Combover)

This mainly refers to modern comb coatings, where one side is removed lower, while the other side is fuller, but passes evenly to the other side of the head.

Request a “square or rounded neckline”

This refers to the back of the head down, where the hairdresser with his Clippers describes the parameters of the hair. Some people like it when it looks more square (a straight line on the floor) or rounded (where the base has a semicircular appearance).

Request a “cone”

A cone looks like a crossfade, in which the top remains longer and becomes shorter towards the bottom. (Usually the base is on the skin) although the rejuvenation is different because the Rejuvenations are more specific and are adapted to the back of the head down to the bottom of the paw and temple areas.

Asking for a “hard part”

A difficult part is where the hairdresser emphasizes the natural part of your hair by manually cutting the line with the clippers. This helps the part to stand out more and last longer.


Hair salon terminologies can be difficult to understand at first, although they make sense if you think about it. This is a faster way to get to the point where you explain your haircut to your hairdresser. Now that you know the basic hairdresser terminologies, assemble your next Haircut and impress your hairdresser with everything you know now!

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